This has been a very busy year social-mediawise, and these 25 people have made Twitter a very interesting place to be.  I shan’t go through all the why’s and wherefores, save to say I’d happily spend lots of time in their company (probably arguing the toss).  I’m not so sure they’d all say the same back, but there you go.  I recommend that you follow each of them, or follow this Twitter list.!/stephenodonn/my-twitter-people-of-2010-9/members

In no particular order (although Wendy is a star).

WendyJacob Wendy Jacob

Recruiter for a quantity surveying consultancy. Mostly tweet about construction, the economy + whatever’s going on in my life at the time of posting.

mattalder Matt Alder

Digital strategy for HR and Recruitment. Founder of MetaShift a consultancy for the future world of work. Blogger, Connector and social recruiting advocate

TomHarrisMP Tom Harris

Husband, father, Christian, blogger, Doctor Who fan, and Labour MP for Glasgow South. Tweeting in a purely personal capacity.

RecruitmentDad Recruitment Dad

Recruitment and Sales blogger and trainer who gives advice and help to those in the industry. Proven track record in developing success in others.

nadinepierce Nadine Pierce

sales & marketing recruiter, PSYBT volunteer, foodie and bon-viveur wannabe, budding blogger and digital enthusiast

theanew theanew

IT’S A PERSONAL ACCT NOW: For my pals/contacts I know/met. Am a Glasgow-based CaliGal. Do radio, new media etc. My Biz/Networking acct is: NewThea – add me.

petergold99 Peter Gold

I help employers find great people. I also run, a lot, often too far, mainly off road ultra marathons. I say what I think but I don’t think too hard. That’s me!

James_Mayes James Mayes

Director, TweetJobs. Recruiter & family man. I tweet for enlightenment & entertainment – views are my own and sometimes the company’s! I also curate @SocRecFeed

sarknight Sarah Knight

Director of Sarah West Recruitment. Loves the great outdoors, sunshine, adventures, running, great food and good wine. Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in Feb!

garyfranklin Gary Franklin

Head of European Recrutiment, founded The Forum for Inhouse Recruitment Managers-The FIRM Fishing, Social Media, Networking, Recruitment,Rock Music enthusiast

andyheadworth andyheadworth

Founder Sirona Consulting, I consult about recruitment, social recruiting, recruitment strategy & process; blogger, husband & father, gadgets & Liverpool FC

David_Fagan David Fagan

Labour councillor in North Lanarkshire.

vagrantradio VagrantRadio

VagrantRadio provides free of charge tutorials and resources for the graphic design, photography, website design and development community.

louisetriance louisetriance

In charge of the ukrecruiter website; suppliers directory, networking events, discussion board, blog, newsletter and job board. Also

JaneyGodley Janey Godley

I am a Scottish stand up comic, actor playwright and journalist. Also am published author

FelixWetzel Felix Wetzel

Marketing Director Jobsite, NLP Practitioner. It’s all about people, brands, sports & politics. Fortune favors the bold

BillBoorman Bill Boorman

Co – founder of #TruEvents. Unconferences globally in and around Recruiting & HR.Recruiter. Trainer. Key-Note Speaker. Dad.

alanwhitford alanwhitford

Internet and recruitment strategist, founder of


The HRD is a British HR Director caught in a Sartrian nightmare and trying to see the philosophical side of life.

LisaScales Lisa Scales

Founder of online community/social networks software Tribepad & video recruiting tool Talent on View – also a Mummy, skier,horse rider & social media enthusiast

Herring1967 Richard Herring

Comedian and writer.

EmmaK67 Emma Kennedy

writer, actor, idiot

Ange77H Angela Higgins

shy blogger, photo-taker, sports lover, wannabe mtb’er, geek, beginner level @ social media. Student. Finally finding my feet in the world!

markofrespect Mark Jennings

English born, Irish passport-holder with a view beyond the city limits. Full of joie de vivre, mostly. Account Director @FreshNetworks and Founder @themeet140

juliebee Julie Broadfoot

Juliebee Writing & Photography. Friendly geek, specialising in words & pictures. I love alt health, web, gadgets, animals & Scrabble. Ex-BBC Web Producer.

Stephen O'Donnell is a lifelong recruiter, internet enthusiast, fadgadget and peripatetic writer.

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