Why do women stand for it?

I am a feminist, if only because many women don’t think it’s important enough to bother about. Let me qualify that; I am for complete equality, in all practical regards, and against illogical inequality. I grew up in a house with three sisters, and my mum earned more than my dad. In the early years...

Gary wants a job

Gary is an average jobseeker; currently in employment, working in an insurance company in Manchester, aged 33, wife, 2 kids etc etc.  He’s not looked for a job for 4 years, and has stayed longer than he’d planned with his present employer, rather than risk a move during the recession. So like 87% of jobseekers...

Vacancy Volumes Indicate Steady Recovery

Throw open the shutters, open the windows, and take the sandbags from the doors. The storm of recession has past, and we can all get back to normal. Perhaps not quite.According to the Office of National Statistics, the UK economy experienced growth of 0.1% in the last quarter, and unemployment unexpectedly fell by 7,000 in...

Are You Full of Glee?

Are you loving E4’s new hit American import, Glee? However you feel about the show (and I quite like it – in a totally manly way, of course), business-wise, they’ve got it sussed. All songs are available straightaway on iTunes and the E4 website for sale. I can see them charting, even though they’re saccharin...

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