Me on video – rare

I just came across this clip of me, being interviewed by the inestimable Jim Stroud.  I can now reveal that the list of hats I wear will be changing, but will still include running the National Online Recruitment Awards. [youtube height=”480″ width=”640″][/youtube] If this doesn’t play, click here.

The Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards

Given my experience with the NORAs, I am intrigued by awards events.  Add to that my fascination with stand-up comedy, and the increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards 2012 event, at the Edinburgh Festival, was a date I couldn’t afford to miss.  I know the organiser, John Fleming, fairly tenuously via Facebook, so offered to...

8 Essential iPhone Christmas Gifts

If you’re reading this, it’s quite likely that you are, like me, quite keen on the odd gadget or too. My most-used gadgets of choice are the iPhone 4s and iPad 2. At Christmas, what better measure of what to get others, than something you’d want too. By way of suggestions to make your present-buying...

Unlucky Break

If you are connected to me on Facebook, you’ll already be aware of the details of my road accident last Friday, 24th September, whilst riding my scooter home from work.  If so, there’s no need to read on, but several people have asked for information, so here goes.  Also, if I don’t blog about this...

Gary wants a job

Gary is an average jobseeker; currently in employment, working in an insurance company in Manchester, aged 33, wife, 2 kids etc etc.  He’s not looked for a job for 4 years, and has stayed longer than he’d planned with his present employer, rather than risk a move during the recession. So like 87% of jobseekers...

Shutter Island – Plot Twists

Warning; this article may contain spoilers. I’m not usually one for giving away plots in movies that others have yet to see.  I’m a pretty gullible movie-goer, and readily get drawn into the premise of a movie, happily suspending disbelief as each ridiculous device is deployed in order to take me down the director’s chosen...

The Searchologist (Jim Stroud) interviews

Surely everyone is at least aware of The Searchologist (aka Jim Stroud)? I know I was a follower of his blog, and even had his App on my iPhone (which I recommend). So it was an absolute pleasure to meet Jim in the flesh as, even amongst the dazzling array of stellar talent at #TRULondon,...

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