Social Media Creep

No not you, and I hope not me.  I’ll try and keep this short, as there are already way too many blog articles discursively annotating the onward march of the social media phenomenon.  Pop is indeed eating itself. In my view, the Network Effect, that is the key to the success of Linkedin, Facebook and...

Can’t Swear – Won’t Swear, FFS!

First of all, this is not some glib, and odiously predictable, article about how terrible I think it is to swear regularly; droning on about other people’s lack of imagination, limited vocabulary, and inability to state precisely what they mean.  Quite the opposite, in fact. Anyone who knows me, will know that I can’t swear. ...

Agencies – Evolve or die, 8 crucial issues

In the 1960’s my dad worked as a trainer in the Scottish School of Salesmanship. For Thirty-Bob (£1.50 payable by jobseekers), he would train individuals and guarantee interviews for jobs as travelling salesmen (yes, they were all men).  The training was very basic, but such was the appeal of working in sales in the ‘60’s,...

The Apartheid of Private Education

This week there has been the re-awakening of the old class-war arguments, that have raged for over a century, and have often come to define the struggle of the Labour party. The catalyst for this has been the educational backgrounds of Messrs Cameron, Osborne, Boris Johnston, and many more senior Conservatives. The arguments against private...

Bank Charges Are Not For “Unauthorised Overdrafts”

This is a Red Herring.  The banks are in fact charging customers for NOT providing unauthorised overdrafts, and by bouncing payments. It would seem perfectly reasonable for the banks to charge £35, if indeed they were somehow being forced to payout funds that hadn’t been agreed, as a form of additional lending.  However that’s not...
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