Gary wants a job

Gary is an average jobseeker; currently in employment, working in an insurance company in Manchester, aged 33, wife, 2 kids etc etc.  He’s not looked for a job for 4 years, and has stayed longer than he’d planned with his present employer, rather than risk a move during the recession. So like 87% of jobseekers...

The secret joy of recruiting

Only very occasionally in a lifetime do we find ourselves at the very start of something special.  Usually, we don’t even realise it at the time.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but we rarely realise this at the time we are taking it.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be...

Do we help or hinder jobseekers?

This may seem a no-brainer to anyone in the online recruitment industry, and perhaps even a preposterous question for me to ask, given my role in the sector over the past decade.  In the picture here “La strada per l’inferno e lastricata di buone intenzioni” translates as “The road to hell is paved with good...
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