It seems that every week throws up more online tools being used by recruiters to research, identify and communicate with great candidates.  Here is a summary of new tools, including those developed by Recruitment Geek (Ben Carter) himself.

Ben-Carter1[1]Recruitment Geek’s Tools

Before I give away everyone else’s freebies let me tell you about my own. I have recently developed a couple of tools that enable you to search Business Networks better and more efficiently!

  1. LinkedIn Xray Search Tool (an x-ray tool allows you to search within a specific website only. Searching LinkedIn from the outside, usually returns more detailed results than when logged in)
  2. Xing Xray Search Tool
  3. Google+ Profile Xray Search Tool (under final development)

Other Free Tools

Social Aggregation

  1. – A Google Chrome/Twitter plugin that will list all known / associated social networks based on a twitter handle that you hover over
  2. WhoWorks.At – A Google Chrome plugin that will list LinkedIn members that are linked to be working at the company, who’s website you are viewing at the time
  3. Rapportive – A tool that plugs into Gmail and lists associated Social networks to the email address you are sending to/receiving from
  4. 360Social – A tool similar to that is a plugin for Google Chrome that when you hover over a link to someone’s social profile, whether Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook or other, will display an aggregated list of that persons other social networks

Email Harvesting / Verification

  1. Email Extractor – This is a simple tool that allows you to paste in raw text full of emails and it will extract and organise them into comma separated
  2. Broadlook Contact Capture – This application enables you to harvest a webpage full of contacts and pulls them into an Excel exporting  format
  3. MailTester – This is a service that gives you a green/red light indication as to whether an email address exists, out there in the “big bad wide world”
  4. Fonant Mail Tester – This works exactly the same way as MailTester but just another, alternative service


LinkedIn Tools

  1. Bullhorn Reach – Radar – A service by Bullhorn that analyses your LinkedIn connections for activity to alert you of possible job changers


Twitter Tools

  1. FollowerWonk – A great tool that allows you to detail search Twitter profiles. Particularly Bios and Location
  2. Tactics HR – A new tool to search twitter for Profiles based on their Bio and Locations
  3. MyPath– A Twitter tool that allows you to work out your path of connectivity to another Twitter users. Similar to how LinkedIn shows you your shared connections to someone. “6 degrees of separation for Twitter”
  4. Twiangulate – A tool that allows you to compare networks of up to three people
  5. Twitter Cloud – A simple tool that, if used effectively, can give you huge information on Candidates


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