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For most of the last 2 hours I have laughed so hard, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Interspersed with that, I had more tears, or at least the threat of them, that I manfully tried to blink off. As you may well know, I love stand-up comedy. Just in the last week I’ve...

The Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards

Given my experience with the NORAs, I am intrigued by awards events.  Add to that my fascination with stand-up comedy, and the increasingly prestigious Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards 2012 event, at the Edinburgh Festival, was a date I couldn’t afford to miss.  I know the organiser, John Fleming, fairly tenuously via Facebook, so offered to...

How much tax do I pay?

I agree that Jimmy Carr hasn’t done anything wrong, morally or otherwise, and should not be castigated for keeping within the law.  It was outrageous that the Prime Minister should choose one person to name in this way. As with any tax system, there are a myriad of allowances, incentives, penalties and pitfalls.  HMRC are...


Plagiarism amongst modern stand-up comedians is viewed within the industry as a mortal sin, or at the very least as outright theft.  These artisans make their living quite literally by their wits, and jealously guard the form of words that they carefully craft into their act.  Not only one-liner gags, but whole scenarios, comic story...

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