One Job Board to Rule Them All

Know this. Each of the major job boards in this country firmly believes they will ultimately be the last one standing. Or at least they would, if job boards were sentient beings.  Their management teams not only believe it too, but also have the declared intent of making it so.  This is not such a...

The End of the CV Database?

As a young-ish industry, subject to change at any time (as is the wont of many internet businesses) the online recruitment sector is subject to the threat of game changing moves, which can radically alter the premise upon which we mostly operate.  Our industry is entirely predicated upon a set of assumptions, about how we...

Pay for performance

Pay for performance sounds good in theory, but not always in practise. Every link in the recruitment chain has to take responsibility for its own function. That is to say that it’s the responsibility of an advertising medium (a job board) to attract enough suitable candidates, and guide them easily to view the advertiser’s vacancy....

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