Self Employed and Unemployable?

There is a continually repeating “circle of life” in the UK recruitment industry, where its own progeny leave established firms to set up in competition. I know, as I’ve been part of it. The incidence of this is most evident amongst the small and medium recruitment firms up and down the land. As an industry,...

Wonderful WordPress Websites

Created in 2003, WordPress has hugely outgrown its original mission as a simple platform for blogging enthusiasts.  Now one of the most popular pieces of open-source software on the internet, WordPress has evolved, and been embraced as, the most accessible and user friendly content management systems (CMS) for websites.  Catering for all users, from amateur...

Are You Full of Glee?

Are you loving E4’s new hit American import, Glee? However you feel about the show (and I quite like it – in a totally manly way, of course), business-wise, they’ve got it sussed. All songs are available straightaway on iTunes and the E4 website for sale. I can see them charting, even though they’re saccharin...

Bank Charges Are Not For “Unauthorised Overdrafts”

This is a Red Herring.  The banks are in fact charging customers for NOT providing unauthorised overdrafts, and by bouncing payments. It would seem perfectly reasonable for the banks to charge £35, if indeed they were somehow being forced to payout funds that hadn’t been agreed, as a form of additional lending.  However that’s not...

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