A Peek Behind The NORAs

At this time of year, and for the last 12 years, I am usually immersed in a sea of recruitment websites.  This is a lot less fun than you’d imagine, but far more fascinating too, and often involves very late nights squinting my eyes at spreadsheets and job boards.  Whose stupid idea was it to...

The Triumph of Faith Over Cynicism

We will all have witnessed the spectacular events of the 30th Olympic Games, over the past 17 days, from the outrageously lavish and theatrical opening event, to the jumble of imagery (from amazing to banal) in last night’s closing ceremony.  No-one can deny the outstanding success of this Olympics, on almost every level. I believe...

#TRULondon Video Stream

During #TRULondon 5, I was interviewed for the Jobsite Livestream by DeeDee Doke, editor of Recruiter Magazine, alongside Russell Byrne from CityJobs and Gary Robinson, Head of Marketing at Jobsite and Evenbase.

Employment Crisis of Confidence

If unemployment rates are at a 17 year high, and youth unemployment (16-24 year olds) especially has risen to 991,000 or 21.3%, then how can it be that businesses are struggling to find talent?  Perhaps businesses are being too fussy, or maybe even a higher proportion of the young demographic are unemployable.  Surely not, you...

#TRULondon Imagineering

This is only one of the many reviews you can read of the #TRULondon Unconference, which took place near Brick Lane, in London’s East End, from the 16th to 18th February.  Slap bang in the middle was the first UKRecruiter Networking event of the year, at the same well-appointed venue. I’ll leave it to others...

Which Conference?

I’ve been attending networking events for the online recruitment sector since 2001.  They have been a staple in my annual calendar, and have been an invaluable part of what I do.  Because I live 400 miles away from the throbbing metropolis, (the big smoke, that Laandon town) they have given me the opportunity to meet...

The Searchologist (Jim Stroud) interviews

Surely everyone is at least aware of The Searchologist (aka Jim Stroud)? I know I was a follower of his blog, and even had his App on my iPhone (which I recommend). So it was an absolute pleasure to meet Jim in the flesh as, even amongst the dazzling array of stellar talent at #TRULondon,...

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