8 Essential iPhone Christmas Gifts

If you’re reading this, it’s quite likely that you are, like me, quite keen on the odd gadget or too. My most-used gadgets of choice are the iPhone 4s and iPad 2. At Christmas, what better measure of what to get others, than something you’d want too. By way of suggestions to make your present-buying...

Apple IOS5 Preview

We all know by now that there seems to be a never ending stream of new products, and development of existing kit from Apple Corporation, now the most (or 2nd most) valuable company in existence (vying with Exxon).  In the computing world, Apple is now firmly identified as at the top of the class, and...

Do You Get It Now?

Look, I’m not about to start preaching to you.  I don’t think I need to.  If you’re reading this, then I think it’s safe to assume you are fairly technically literate, and switched on to most forms of social media.  I shan’t bother then, to run through the list of sites, services and points of...

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