Don’t Ever Vote For Me!

I am possibly one of the worst people you could ever vote for.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be an MP.  Despite all the bad press of late, I still think it’s a cool job with a huge amount of kudos, deference from others, and absolutely fascinating to boot. However, as an MP,...

UK Election 2010

I am totally transfixed by this election. What is clear is that we will not see the scenes of euphoria that greeted Tony Blair, (seen above) entering Downing Street in 1997.  In no way does this election have the appeal of the Obama election, but I think there are elements which make it fascinating for...

HR Carnival – 2010, the year ahead

For my sins, I seem to spend every waking hour visiting, testing, and analysing recruitment websites of all kinds.  Through AlljobsUK.com, I monitor developments in the websites of recruitment agencies, job boards, publications and employers.  My purpose is to consult with these companies, and to deliver targeted candidate traffic direct to where vacancies are being...

Online Recruitment – 10 Years On

As Robbie Cowling will testify, Jobserve were the first established online recruitment job board in 1994. Initially a “jobs-by-email” service, the existence of the World Wide Web was known and used by very few, and largely consisted of IT experts and enthusiasts. Early websites were referred to as bulletin boards, leading to the term Job-Boards....

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