Do we help or hinder jobseekers?

This may seem a no-brainer to anyone in the online recruitment industry, and perhaps even a preposterous question for me to ask, given my role in the sector over the past decade.  In the picture here “La strada per l’inferno e lastricata di buone intenzioni” translates as “The road to hell is paved with good...

HR Carnival – 2010, the year ahead

For my sins, I seem to spend every waking hour visiting, testing, and analysing recruitment websites of all kinds.  Through AlljobsUK.com, I monitor developments in the websites of recruitment agencies, job boards, publications and employers.  My purpose is to consult with these companies, and to deliver targeted candidate traffic direct to where vacancies are being...

Pay for performance

Pay for performance sounds good in theory, but not always in practise. Every link in the recruitment chain has to take responsibility for its own function. That is to say that it’s the responsibility of an advertising medium (a job board) to attract enough suitable candidates, and guide them easily to view the advertiser’s vacancy....

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