My Oscar Predictions

So I can claim credit afterwards, or get pilloried for being so wrong, here are my predictions / preferences for the Oscar Awards, being held later tonight.  I’m not big on awarding prizes for artistic endeavour, but for as long as they will have them, the industry will make a big deal of it.  Suffice...

Would you credit it?

Have you ever wondered why there are credits at the end of movies and TV shows? Maybe it’s obvious to you, as there have always been credits, but not to me. Sure, I wouldn’t mind knowing the names of the cast and perhaps the director, but why do they insist on telling us the names...

Shutter Island – Plot Twists

Warning; this article may contain spoilers. I’m not usually one for giving away plots in movies that others have yet to see.  I’m a pretty gullible movie-goer, and readily get drawn into the premise of a movie, happily suspending disbelief as each ridiculous device is deployed in order to take me down the director’s chosen...

How are your firing skills?

Unfortunately a great many managers, supervisors, and business owners have had to do just that in the past year.  It’s something that defines you as a boss, and a responsibility that separates you from your team.  These days, it’s an exercise that’s so fraught with difficulty, and dangerous repercussions, that often only in-house or outsourced...

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