15 Pillows

Has there ever been anything as ridiculous than having to remove 15 pillows and cushions just to get into bed? Seriously, why decorate your floor with them through the night, only to put them back on the bed in the morning?

Do Women Ever Do This?

You know the stance; either standing or sitting, often recumbent with feet up on the desk, arms raised and hands clasped behind the head.  I personally do this often, whether in the company or others or alone. It has the effect of stretching the shoulders and opening the airways. Now I don’t have anything smart,...

What Are The Odds?

I’m no gambler, but lets see if I can explain this correctly. The betting favourite to win a race, or any other competition, isn’t necessarily the one most likely to win, but rather the one the bookies can’t afford to win and payout on. A “favourite” is simply the horse which the bookies give the...

Needle in a Haystack

The most effective way to find a needle in a haystack, is to burn the haystack.

Please excuse my lack of quality control

“This email was sent using my mobile device, please excuse the brevity of my response and any typos that may be present.” I’m starting to see a lot of this message automatically added to the bottom of emails. I’m told that this is commonplace, and even default on Android phones. Apple phones simply have the...

What do I know?

Quite a lot, as it happens. I’m about to blow my own trumpet so, as convention dictates, first I must self-deprecate. I don’t have a qualification to my name, and have never been promoted. I did of course achieve my Gold Arrow in the Cubs, was a seconder then a sixer, and in the Scouts...

Insecure Login

Online security frustrates the hell out of me, and you too, I imagine.  Not only are login systems for incidental services often harder to penetrate than my online banking, but they are invariably illogical in the extreme. At the weekend I tried to book cinema tickets with After selecting the movie, cinema and show...

I love Glasgow Town

This is just a very quick aside, to say that the older I get, the more I appreciate living in Glasgow. Here are some pictures I took on a recent bike ride (apart from the first one, which is a helicopter shot). [gdl_gallery title=”Glasgow” width=”250″ height=”250″]

Me on video – rare

I just came across this clip of me, being interviewed by the inestimable Jim Stroud.  I can now reveal that the list of hats I wear will be changing, but will still include running the National Online Recruitment Awards. [youtube height=”480″ width=”640″][/youtube] If this doesn’t play, click here.

My Oscar Predictions

So I can claim credit afterwards, or get pilloried for being so wrong, here are my predictions / preferences for the Oscar Awards, being held later tonight.  I’m not big on awarding prizes for artistic endeavour, but for as long as they will have them, the industry will make a big deal of it.  Suffice...
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