Who ever heard of a Recruitment CRM system which was Open Source? Seriously, one of the biggest problems recruitment companies have with their Recruitment CRM is that they find it extremely difficult (and expensive) to develop further than the product they originally purchased.  If it really is true that all recruitment companies are unique in how they work, then it makes sense that they would want their particular recruitment processes reflected in the CRM system their recruiters use day in, and day out.

Enter onto the recruitment CRM marketplace yu:talent, the world’s first completely Open Source system. Purpose built within a Developer Framework, this enables you to entirely customise your CRM to your needs. Designed initially for boutique recruitment firms, up to say 20 recruiters, yu:talent is a cloud-based CRM, which offers all the core functionality you’d expect, along with a long list of inbuilt additional features and a growing list of third-party apps.

The heart of any CRM system is its ability to accept data from any source, parse it accurately and efficiently, offer complete search flexibility to users, and to track all activity automatically. Parsing with yu:talent is provided by industry leaders (and yu:talent partners) Daxtra. Candidate and client data can be imported via all social media channels, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and migration from your current system is a breeze with mass-import functionality.

As yu:talent is brought to you by Steve Walker who also developed the idibu business, it’s no surprise to find that the core functionality includes fully integrated job posting and applicant tracking, extending to over 1000 job boards and social networks. This of course also means you can search remote CV databases as well as your local candidate database, thereby identifying the very best sources of talent for your jobs, and of course which are most cost effective. As soon as you post a vacancy, the yu:talent system will automatically search your entire talent pool (local and external) to identify the best matches. This is especially important with LinkedIn, where all individual recruiters are continually extending their network. 

On the subject of social media, and as you should expect, yu:talent can post all your vacancies and updates directly to your selected channels, and in particular to your Facebook page, by means of an app specifically designed for the purpose. Promoting not only your vacancies themselves, but also communicating with your entire agency network and audience in your industry sector is of course an essential part of any modern recruitment marketing plan. Ensuring that your intimate market knowledge, and that of your recruiters, is showcased to clients and candidates alike has never been so important.  Close integration with Mailchimp, also means that you can specifically tailor ongoing communications with any section of your database, enabling A/B testing of which messages work best for you.

Of special interest to me, and I suspect many smaller recruitment companies, is the ability to fully integrate yu:talent with any WordPress website. Having teamed with the leading WordPress Job Board plugin developer, you can easily control all jobs on your website, have candidates seamlessly added to your database, and enable active job alerts for jobseekers (proven to be one of the best sources of applications resulting in placements).

Whilst the cost of almost any recruitment CRM pales into insignificance with the fees of a successful recruiter, all agency owners (being seasoned negotiators) will look for the very best deal possible. In that case, you’ll be very interested to hear that yu:talent offers an outstanding “early adopter” price rate per-user, knowing full well that those companies who get on board first will have a significant impact on the future development of the product too.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this is a uniquely Open Source product. This means that you can make sure you have the recruitment CRM which is a perfect fit for your firm, and your recruiters. By doing so, you have the very best likelihood of your recruiters committing to the system, and getting that all-important return on your investment.

Stephen O'Donnell is a lifelong recruiter, internet enthusiast, fadgadget and peripatetic writer.

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