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Recruiting Animal, known as @Animal on Twitter, has written a book, The Psychology of Job Hunting.  As criticism is almost as good as praise, and easier to come by, he invited me, and a select few others to review the 80-page book, which is currently free to download on Amazon for Kindle. (Correction, the price has rocketed up to £2.01.)

Here’s my review, which can also be seen with others here.

“Job-Hunting for Pussies”, is what Animal clearly wanted to call this book, but simply didn’t have the cahonas to.

If you only ever buy one book on the psychology of job-hunting, then for pity’s sake buy something else. Even at the low, low price of zero dollars for the Kindle edition, this vanity publication is somewhat overpriced.

In fact Animal should be paying you for the time it takes to make the purchase, and read the first few pages before your first “Oh for the love of God!”, (and there will be several). I want to say the word puerile, but that isn’t quite it.

PS. The book begins with the “Forward”, and that kind of sets the linguistic tone. Not the Foreword mind you, as you might be used to from every other book on the planet. The clue is in the word itself; Fore meaning in front of, or before, and word, meaning … well you get my drift.

The truth is that this is either a very short book or a very long pamphlet. Animal does come at his message from several angles, but is basically telling the reader to man (or woman) the hell up, and grow a pair, when it comes to their job search. The rest is the usual psychobabble claptrap that you most commonly dismiss in motivational messages on Facebook. If you have the misfortune to be connected to a Life-Coach or any born again Christians, then you’ll know precisely what I mean.

So buy the book, don’t buy the book; it makes no difference. However if you do have a morbid compulsion to do so, then forgive the spelling and grammar, and don’t be afraid to skim. Whatever you do, do not tell Animal you ever got a job as a result of this book.

Stephen O'Donnell is a lifelong recruiter, internet enthusiast, fadgadget and peripatetic writer.

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