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As should always be the case, bloggers can choose to accept replies to their articles or not; and when they do, are perfectly entitled to delete those which disagree with their article.  So what can a person do, when their reply isn’t approved by said blogger?  Here is an article I read last week, and my reply (which didn’t make the cut) below.   I wonder how far I’d get, if I only accepted comments of praise, and censored all dissent?

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Slaughterhouse Five by USHERINCHANGE on FEBRUARY 9, 2013
Horsemeat found in a burger! Food crisis? Really?
If you eat cheap over-processed, plastic-packaged shrink-wrapped crap what do you think is inside them other than the otherwise-discarded lips, snouts and lard….and, quite possibly, horsemeat and who knows what else. What might possess you to think its “quality”?
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My Reply

Could this article BE any more condescending, effete and superior?

I won’t defend the purchase of crappy foods, because no-one buys them for the nutritional content. However, your snooty insistence that all households should contain at least one cordon blue chef, is specious, and at the very least passive-aggressive.  Yes we all like to watch Masterchef and the Great British Bake-off, but as entertainment, not as propaganda. The insistence that every meal is concocted on the spot, from raw ingredients is, frankly, preposterous. 

Of course it would be nice to have this kind of food served regularly, but to do it yourself requires a commitment that borders on an unhealthy obsession with food. It’s absolutely fine for those who do this, and enjoy it, but the rest of us do not need to be made to feel inferior for the sake of your OCD.

In my view, meals should never take longer to prepare, than to consume.

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