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Don’t laugh. OK, laugh a bit if you like.  I am looking for a developer to help realise an idea I have, which I believe has the potential for success.  This is a personal project, and in return I am willing to offer up to a 50% share in the eventual product.  Like many people, I often come up with ideas, most of which are daft and come to nothing once I’ve thought them through.  Sometimes however, I have an idea that I believe is worth pursuing, and try to make it happen.  This can be a new business idea, a way of doing something, or simply a bit of fun that interests me.  I often have several ideas on the go, and it keeps me amused.

Recently, it occurred to me that the structure of Twitter was similar to the structure of a game.  All the component parts could easily be rules of a game; 140 characters, Twitternames, following, followers, tweets, timestamps, avatars and sometimes location data.  However, when I tried to find online games that used these components in their functionality, I found very little, and certainly none that impressed. Anyway after ditching several ideas that were too complex I went for a new social media twist on a recognisable format.


 TwitWordy is a game I have devised specifically for users of Twitter.

Based upon the well known crossword format, TwitWordy produces unique puzzles for each user, based upon the Twitter accounts they follow, and the tweets they make.  By doing this, Twitwordy puzzles are always new, topical and unique to ever user.

  1. As with every crossword game, there exists a blank grid for answers, and a list of clues to every answer Across and Down. 
  2. In TwitWordy, all answers in the grid are amongst the Twitter names of accounts that the Player is following.
  3. The clue for each answer will be the most recent Tweet of that user, or part of that user’s Twitter bio.
  4. This means that each game is unique to every individual player, that the clues are topical and ever-changing.
  5. This format also rewards those who really do read the tweets of those that they follow.
  6. A new game can be generated at any time, choosing 20 followed Twitter accounts at random from the Player’s Follows. 
  7. Successful completion of a TwitWordy can reward the player with points, badges etc.
  8. A league table could be generated for those who win the most games and in the fastest times.  A personalised league table could be generated from a Twitter List of your friends.
  9. A 2 player game would combine both twitterstreams for the clues, merging them in one crossword grid.  Each player only plays their own clues, and the first to finish is the winner.  Of course in this game, completing some words would give extra clues to your opponent, where your word intersects theirs.

Technical requirements:

  1. At the beginning of each game, the Twitter App would require the input of the Player’s Twittername.
  2. Using this, the App would access the Twitter API to fetch 20 Twitter names at random from the player’s list of Follows.  The condition being that each twitter account had tweeted at least once in the previous 7 days a twitter message of at least 20 characters.
  3. The account names will compiled into a crossword grid, criss-crossing each other in the traditional way.  Any Twitter names that are impossible to fit will be discarded in favour of those that will fit.
  4. The App would then extract the most recent Tweet, of greater than 20 characters, from each of these Twitter accounts.  This will be the Clue to each crossword (TwitWordy) answer.
PS. Many people say you shouldn’t share an idea like this, as someone might nick it.  I’m willing to take that chance, and take this opportunity to assert copyright of this specific game format.  I have reserved the Twittername @TwitWordy and 
If you think you can help with this project, or know someone who could, please contact me directly on 

Stephen O'Donnell is a lifelong recruiter, internet enthusiast, fadgadget and peripatetic writer.

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