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Continuing with my theme of writing about inconsequential trivial drivel….

It’s surely only a matter of time before I get arrested for this.  Contrary to the established traditions of bloggers, I have only one thing that so agitates me to the point of apoplexy.  So much so, it has driven me to anti-social (and possibly illegal) behaviour.

Yesterday, two girls, who are neighbours and twins, were gifted a brand new Fiat 500 by their parents.  What a fantastic present!  What a terrific and beautiful car. Based upon the original design of the famous Cinquecento by Dante Giacosa, and modernised for the 21st century, this car is the perfect accessory for two Italian medical students to get around town.

There’s just one not-so-tiny fly in the ointment; the HUGE Arnold Clark sticker on the back window!  Somehow (and you have to hand it to Mr Clark for his deviousness), it has become normal to plaster adverts all over a product, merely because a company was the seller of the vehicle.  Initially this sort of behaviour was limited to a complimentary keyring with a logo.  Now, after spending anywhere from £5,000 to £80,000, the dealer in question, including those for executive vehicles, feel that their input merits as much credit (or more) on the car’s detailing as the original manufacturer.  I am incensed when I see a top end brand-new BMW carrying a huge advert for the garage that pocketed the best part of 60 large from the deal.  They must be wetting themselves laughing at the gullibility of the motoring public!

Moreover, poor old Signor Giacosa must be spinning in his grave to have his work misappropriated in this way.  Do they really imagine that young Dante designed this beautiful automotive work of art with their garish yellow sticker in mind? Maybe all cars should have a designated spot obscuring the view on the rear window for this purpose. Do they really believe that they have the artistic entitlement to deface a product that they are merely reselling?

I honestly believe that those who unblinkingly accept this jiggery-pokery, are gullible fools for carrying adverts for car dealers on their pride and joy, whilst happily paying for the privilege.

So here’s the confession part.  Not only have I always refused delivery of any vehicle until it has been “cleaned” properly, I have often taken upon myself to remove stickers from other cars in the dead of night, when no one is looking.  I have yet to lay a hand on this lovely Fiat 500, but it can only be a matter of time.  It’s right outside, and it’s tormenting me.

[This is like recruitment because…. Recruitment agencies do this all the time with vacancies, where they present their own brand above and ahead of the employer they are working for.  Aside from the candidate response, they see almost every advert as primarily a marketing device for their brand as a recruiter, and not in the service of the employer.]

Stephen O'Donnell is a lifelong recruiter, internet enthusiast, fadgadget and peripatetic writer.

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