From Virtual to Reality (concise version)


I’m going to rewrite my blog from yesterday, as when I reread it, it was crap – badly written and too lengthy.  It seems I’m not the only one, as very few people read it.  Here’s the potted version.  Ahem…

Because I’m a recruiter by trade, I judge everyone I meet in a clinical fashion. This not only includes candidates from their CV’s, but everyone I converse with via social media.

It’s fun and strange to finally meet those you’ve chatted with online. Last weekend, I met @TheHRD, and he was a great guy, despite still not disclosing his real identity.

Lesson learned: You don’t need an excess of information to get the measure of the live person in front of you.

@The HRD / Theo, I salute you. (His blog can be found at

PS. I had a brilliant weekend, with a great group of people I consider to be good friends.  Other blogs on the events can be found at:

Andy Headworth                   

The HRD                                     

Matt Jessop                             

Peter Gold                                

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