Please excuse my lack of quality control


“This email was sent using my mobile device, please excuse the brevity of my response and any typos that may be present.”

I’m starting to see a lot of this message automatically added to the bottom of emails. I’m told that this is commonplace, and even default on Android phones. Apple phones simply have the default as “Sent from my iPhone”, which presupposes the recipient will forgive any errors based on that knowledge.

It’s fair enough, I suppose, to state briefly that the device I am sending an email from will make the missive somewhat shorter and less detailed than you might otherwise expect, and explain the absence of my full auto-signature and logo.  However, I don’t want to advertise the model of the device I am using, and I have no desire to be classified as an Apple devotee, or a show-off. Equally, I have no need to make pre-emptive excuses for any typos or grammatical mistakes I might make.  If I do make them, then I’m happy to own them, and have no use for a default, pre-packed defense or apology for my omissions.

It’s entirely my responsibility to check the content before hitting the send button. Blame me for my bad spelling and grammar, not the phone.